Improve your CCMS billing with ‘claim upload’

As part of our service for CCMS billing we enable you to take advantage of the ‘claim upload’ facility. This involves uploading a specially designed electronic file into CCMS instead of the bill being entered into the system manually. There are a number of advantages to using claim upload:

  • You can avoid deleted bills. CCMS automatically deletes draft bills if they are not submitted within 84 days which can cause problems if you are waiting for additional information or the claim needs to be served on your client in the meantime. If a bill is deleted then additional time has to be spent re-entering the details of your costs manually. This issue can be avoided completely by using claim upload as you will not upload the file until it is ready to go to assessment.
  • Preparation of the bill can take place outside of CCMS therefore we can continue working on the file during periods when the system is inaccessible.
  • We can progress files even if final bill is not available. A final bill is not available in CCMS until the outcome has been entered in the system. This can cause delay when using the system manually; however we will still be able to make progress on the file using our software in the meantime as the preparation takes place outside of CCMS.
  • A detailed paper version of the bill is provided. The bill report generated automatically by CCMS provides only very basic details of the bill; we will provide you with a detailed paper version that will assist when checking the bill.
  • Easy to Use. The procedure for uploading the electronic file into CCMS is very straightforward and there is a facility for us to test the file in the system before sending it back to you so that we can deal with any compatibility or technical issues at that stage. This means that you can simply upload the file into the system and it will then proceed to assessment. Full instructions are provided when returning the file.

The software that we use is one of the few that can be used for claim upload. We offer this service at no additional cost to you and you will not require any additional software in order to take advantage of claim upload.

For more details contact your regional office