New Provision from the LAA Civil Claims Fix Service

We are happy to report that the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has upgraded the “civil claim fix service” to cover any document request where a provider believes the information has already been submitted.  The service is available to any provider who feels that the Legal Aid Agency has made an incorrect decision to reject a claim and is a good step forward by the LAA in balancing unfair reject claims.

The service covers the following areas:

  • Certificated bills
  • Family Advocacy Scheme
  • Legal Help escape cases

Providers can also ask the civil claim fix team to review any reject decision if there is a request for  a document that has already been supplied.

As rejected claims have a negative impact upon KPIs,  it is essential to ensure that steps are being taken to actively  reduce or eliminate rejections and this will be seen as a welcome step by the LAA.   Although only  ‘hard rejects’  count against  KPIs, these are claims that are rejected because they have not been submitted in accordance with the LAA checklists and so the above upgraded fix will offer an opportunity to review a negative decision by the LAA in this additional circumstance and should be welcomed by all providers.

For further guidance contact the civil claim fix team direct on

For further information about rejected legal aid claims please read this article

Our Legal Aid Quick Guide provides handy tables for fixed fees, hourly rates and the LAA submission requirements. You can get your free copy here.