Meet Kirsteen Forisky

Here, Kirsteen Forisky, Head of the Legal Aid Programming Team at LEAP Legal Software shares some useful background and information on their cloud based case management system for busy law firms.

What is LEAP?

LEAP is a cloud based practice management system for law firms.  Kirsteen Forisky heads up the Legal Aid programming team: Kirsteen tell me about your journey here.

I have been working in the legal market for over 20 years, mainly focused on case management systems, my first role was on a helpdesk and I moved through and onto programming software during the 1990’s.  I started working with LEAP in 2013, mainly focused on the Legal Aid elements of the product.

Why do busy legal practitioners need  LEAP

Simple efficiencies, too much time is wasted in a practice manually trying to compete tasks that should be automated through systems like LEAP.

Your marketing slogan reads “Firms using LEAP make more money” – how /why?

We see it all the time, firms that buy LEAP seem to grow and prosper.  We often get firms calling us for new licences and telling us how the system works well for them.

Name some of the benefits of running a paperless office

Of course the biggest one everyone wants is better cash flow but there are so many more.  Speed of client service is one I like, in Legal Aid cases it can be traumatic times for clients, they want to know what is happening on their case now and they want to feel like you have their file on your desk, by going paperless you do!

Don’t believe us, listen to what our clients have to say :-

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