Meet Kenny Shealey

Kenny Shealey is our talented speaker for the forthcoming series of seminars designed to help busy legal aid practitioners maximise legal  aid costs recovery.  Find our more about our series of national events  here


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and moved to the UK when I was only young. I grew up in the amazing city of Brighton. I studied a Law Degree at the University of Birmingham and went on to study the BPTC at London City Law School. I live with my fiancée Anisa and we are currently planning our exciting fusion Christian/Hindu wedding for 2019.

How did you come to work in legal costs?

Following the BPTC and finding obtaining a pupillage very difficult, I was uncertain as to where I wanted to take my career but knew I wanted a challenge. I saw an advertisement for a position with another firm and decided to see what this area of law was all about. Following starting with John M Hayes and being trained further I have grown from strength to strength and undertaken exciting and niche areas of costs which continue to challenge me.

What is your current position with John M Hayes?

I am a Senior Costs Draftsman, Advocate and Seminar Speaker in the company.

What do you love about your job?

I love the variety of the work and cases I have to deal with and I love the challenging cases that really test your skill and knowledge. What is really rewarding is when you get a successful result for the Client especially if you did not expect it.

What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

Highlight of my career to date has been working on a very complex and unique inter partes legal aid case that dates back to 1999 and is still very live and ongoing. The hearing to come will be another fight in itself.

What are you going to be sharing at the seminars?

I will be sharing my knowledge and expertise to help maximise legal costs being claimed and help to avoid rejected claims. It will be a seminar to be remembered.

Where do you live?

I currently live in the wonderful city of Birmingham which is full of life.

What keeps you busy outside of the office?

Sport keeps me busy outside of work whether it is going to the gym, swimming or watching the best team Man Utd at the weekend. I am a massive ‘foodie’ and I love to cook & invent new dishes (nearly became a Chef before embarking on a career in Law) so I am usually either entertaining friends or family. I love to explore and travel whether that is in the UK or planning my next South American adventure.

What’s your dream job?

It would have to be working for Top Gear/The Grand Tour with my two best friends, driving and testing cars and doing those insane challenges.

Failing that professional traveller would be the way to go.

Do you have a ‘can’t miss’ tv programme?

There are so many. I would say that The Wire and Game of Thrones are my top two programmes/series of all time that if you haven’t watched them you need to drop everything and go and have a boxset marathon.

What book would be your recommended read?

That is a real hard one to answer as there are so many good ones. I think the one that stands out to me of all time was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The balance between warmth and humour, despite dealing with the serious issues of rape and racial inequality makes this book a great read. Interestingly, it was perhaps reading the book when I was back in School that made me want to embark on a legal career.

Do you have a favourite quote?

I have so many quotes and sayings that my inspirational grandmother has imparted upon me, that I myself try to pass on to family, friends and colleagues. The one that stands out for me is the saying ‘a glass half full than half empty’ as I always try to see the positives in every situation.