Maximising Legal Aid Costs Recovery and GDPR 2018 Seminars

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Last month we kicked off our FREE nationwide Maximising Legal Aid Costs and GDPR 2018 seminars in Newcastle, Leeds, Sussex, Central London and Reading. The busy month saw us assist over 100 solicitors and lawyers all of which have provided us with outstanding feedback.

Our Senior Costs Draftsman and Legal Aid Specialist Kenny Shealey teamed up with digital marketing specialist Rich Dibbins of Conscious Solutions and legal software specialists LEAP.

Kenny’s well received session focused on assisting legal aid practitioners in maximising their legal aid costs and recovery. Specifically Kenny focused on:

–          Legal aid certificates

–          Claimable work and the costs assessment guidance (CAG)

–          Inter Partes awards in legal aid cases

–          Enhancements

–          CCMS

–          The 2018 Legal Aid Contract

GDPR 2018 – 48 days to go!

Rich’s engaging presentation style got the audience enthusiastic about the forthcoming data protection changes (GDPR). His free orange chocolate bar awards certainly went down well for those who answered his questions correctly. And, LEAP  Legal Software provided insightful information on innovation and their quality case management software.

New Seminar Dates and Venues

All in all it has been a busy but fun month and we are excited to do it all again in April and May visiting;

–          Bristol – 19th April

–          Cardiff  – 20th April

–          Birmingham – 23rd April

–          Sheffield – 24th April

–          Manchester – 15th May

To book a free place at one of these destinations please click here.