Have your say ahead of amendments to the LAA Costs Assessment Guidance

The Legal Aid Agency has contacted the ACL to provide survey results for the average times taken to complete tasks on CCMS including Bills,  ahead of amendments to the LAA Costs Assessment Guidance.

The survey which is open until 28th May,  has 21 questions and asks about time for applications, preparing POAs, reporting outcomes and the variety of bills.

The ACL state that:

“It would be appreciated if you would  please forward this survey to as many people as possible – the more respondents to this survey then the more the LAA will need to take them into account in the affirmative.”

The questions on Bills are split into two parts, the first being whether you use Claim Upload or the CCMS interface. Please complete this question so that the average times given can be qualified as to whether you have to use your own software to achieve them.

It should be noted that the task times do not include time for uploading documents and allocating costs limitations. This is because, whilst selecting enclosures and checking counsel’s fee notes/considering costs limitation is not administrative, uploading those documents and allocation the costs limitations are and do not need to be carried out by a fee earner.

To complete the survey, please click on the link here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Q653K9C

Thank you