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We have instructed John M Hayes for over ten years. I have always found their draftsmen to be knowledgeable, personable and willing to go the extra mile. Their drafting skills are second to none and we have found their free telephone advice service to be very useful. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Lee Scott, Atkinson Blackledge Warings

I have found John M Hayes to be reliable and efficient, always willing to deal with any queries or matters arising and most importantly of all, to have detailed knowledge of current costs law.

Sarah Lapsley, Chestnutts Solicitors, Southport

I'm happy to say that I have worked with John M Hayes over many years and have found their service to be reliable and of a very high standard. It is so beneficial to have a firm you can count on to stick to tight deadlines where necessary and who consistently give sensible professional advice on what costs can realistically be achieved.

Mandy Yeandle, Veale Wasbrough Vizards

We are very impressed by the quick turnaround of bills and the expertise of the costs draftsman in terms of their advice and ability to maximise costs on each file. The team are up to date with relevant developments and provide useful training sessions and email updates for free! An excellent level of service all round at very competitive rates; highly recommended.

Sophia Yau-Rosher, Partner, Beecham Peacock LLP

We have had the pleasure of working with John M Hayes for a number of years. The turnaround of files is very efficient and there is clear careful consideration given to the files to try and achieve the best results. The files are always returned in a tidy and ordered condition. John M Hayes take the pain out of part of the billing process.

D C Myles, Director and Head of the Family Department, Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors

We at Elliot Mather LLP have used John M Hayes to cost our files for the past two years. We have been very pleased with their efficient and professional service and the additional helpful advice they provide to our fee earners to help maximize our costs.

Mary Honeyben, Solicitor Member, Elliot Mather LLP

We have instructed John M Hayes as our Costs Draftsmen for over twenty years, both in relation to publically funded and private cases. The considerable knowledge and expertise of their staff in this specialised field has been of great value to our firm. From preparing detailed High Cost Case Plans to Points of Dispute, we have found their draftsmanship to be of a high professional standard. They are prompt and efficient in the processing of our work and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Anthony Clark & Co

John M Hayes has provided us with a superior comprehensive legal aid costing service for our nationally based family law team.  We have an excellent working partnership with the team at Haywards Heath who are professional, efficient and have  high level expertise in legal aid cases.  they not only provide a reliable and efficient external costing facility but have worked with us when requested to provide in house costing support and training.  Our partnership with John M Hayes is an enormously important one and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any large scale legal aid practice.

Jenny Beck

Our files are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.  No job is too small.  Our queries are dealt with without question or delay.

Gill Perry, Jones Myers LLP

The John M Hayes Partnership have proven to be professional, effective and knowledgeable Costs Draftsmen. The quality and speed of their drafting is excellent and the advice received has been detailed and pragmatic.

Spencers Solicitors

I have instructed John M Hayes for almost 10 years and have never been disappointed with the level of service they provide. My work is mainly with the Leeds office and I find everyone there kind, friendly, professional and approachable. Not only are their drafting and negotiation skills second to none, but there is always someone to help if you need informal costs advice. They provide support from the date of instructions right up until the conclusion of a claim, provide regular updates without me having to chase and the turnaround rate is excellent. I would certainly recommend them.

Sarah Blagg, Solicitor and Team Leader, Industrial Disease Department, Williamsons Solicitors

We have always found that John M Hayes provide a fast and efficient service which is very competitively priced.  They are always willing to assist with queries, even if it is in relation to a file which they have not yet received.  There is always a cost draftsman available to assist with telephone enquiries if necessary.  They also provide a very helpful service where they collect and return files to the office.

Andrew Davies, Solicitor, Randell Lloyd & Martin Solicitors Llanelli

Having used John M Hayes for a number of years it is a pleasure to highlight their efficiency, accuracy and quality of service. Their staff are always prepared to go the extra mile and are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Primarily instructing them to cost Legal Aid cases, they offer sound advice and guidance when issues arise and are always up to date with the most recent changes. Very barely are bills reduced on assessment or queried by the LAA due to their expertise.

Dewi Evans, Office Manager, RLE Law

I have always found John M Hayes to be reliable, efficient and accurate.

Ryan Reed, Director, H.F.T. Gough & Co Ltd

The family department at Redkitelaw LLP in Carmarthen use John M Hayes on a regular basis. They are very professional, efficient and have a good turnaround of files. They are also very helpful in answering telephone queries.

Simon Goddard, Solicitor, Red Kite Law

I have been instructing John M Hayes for nearly ten years now. Whilst they have numerous offices across the country, which brings them obvious advantages in terms of their collective pool of experience and national reach, they do not have a large firm mentality. They are very approachable and always more than happy to assist. They always address my questions with enthusiasm and an obvious eagerness.

Peter Dixon, Malton Drivers Solicitors

Always reliable and accurate, with a good turnaround speed.

Paul Bunting, Partner, Aspinall Wright Solicitors

We are most satisfied with the very professional service John M Hayes provides and would not hesitate to recommend them to other firms.

Iain Ord, Partner, McKeag & Co Solicitors

I have found John M Hayes to be a very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service and have been very satisfied with their services.

Fieldings Porter Solicitors

John M Hayes offer an expansive, knowledgeable and highly efficient Cost Drafting service, providing high quality billing to assist Solicitors with Legal Services Commission and Court Assessments. They provide all the requisite enclosure documentation to supplement the billing services enabling the fee earner to have confidence the information is correct to submit to the necessary body for Assessment. The firm also provides expert assistance and analysis to assist fee earners on many Costs and Funding related issues.

Martin Scott, In-house Costs Draftsman, Patterson Glenton & Stracey

Christopher McClure and his team of costs draftsmen at JMH provide a first class service to my firm. They are very helpful, professional, deal with any queries very quickly and provide clear advice on how best to present claims for costs. The team at JMH have been instructed on a number of complicated and lengthy matters and have dealt with matters efficiently and commercially to ensure my firm maximises costs recovery. Highly recommended.

Ricky Baba, Head of Costs, Levenes Solicitors

We have used John Hayes services for many years and find that they provide an efficient and effective service. Their draftsmen are very approachable and always willing to help to resolve difficult costings issues. We particularly value the excellent service and knowledge in relation to family law high cost cases.

WTB Solicitors

I appreciate and have come to rely on the all-round service provided by the team at John M Hayes.  It is particularly reassuring knowing I will receive swift expert guidance on issues arising, especially when they have a habit of being urgent!

Andrew Goss (Personal Injury), Bruce Lance and Co Solicitors

John M Hayes are always thorough and meticulous in the preparation of bills but more importantly than that they are very approachable and willing to help. Dealing with them is a pleasure.

Brendan McNeany, Partner, Samuel Phillips

John M Hayes provide an excellent service and we have been particularly impressed with the way that they have met tight deadlines. I have also found them very approachable by phone and email, and the fact that they will collect papers from our office is a real help.

David Milton, Associate Solicitor, Stone King Solicitors

We have an excellent relationship with John M Hayes. They are a progressive organisation who works closely with us to provide solutions and help us find better ways of working. Of particular value are the training sessions that they provide which helps us to understand the many changes the LSC introduces and how firms can make the best of any opportunities these changes present.

Paul Hillier, Crime and Family Manager, Swinburne & Jackson LLP

We use John M Hayes for the majority of our High Cost cases; they are very helpful and thorough and are always willing to help at short notice. I would highly recommend them to any firm for all aspects of billing/High cost case plans.

Joanne Clarke, Financial Controller, William Bache Solicitors Ltd

30 Years in the industry certainly shines through with their expert advice and excellent customer service.  I have always found John M Hayes to be reliable, accurate and very approachable.  Their expertise is invaluable in the minefield of legal costs!

Stuart Reynolds, Team Leader, Nelsons
We have instructed the John M Hayes Partnership for many years and have always been extremely pleased with their helpful and friendly approach and their willingness to provide our fee earners with the support and guidance required on each and every case. The company consistently provides an excellent and efficient service that is competitive and responsive and we highly recommend them. Valerie Henley, Quality Solicitors, Rubin Lewis O'Brien

We have been a customer of John M Hayes for last few years.  We had used several small and large firms to prepare our bills but never felt happy with the service that we had been provided us.  This all changed since we began instructing John M Hayes.  We have always found the staff to be courteous and helpful.  Our files are collected and returned by courier without the need of using the DX system.  Their turn round of files is extremely quick and they are efficient in their preparation of bills.  We are extremely pleased with the service that they provide and would continue to instruct them. 

Mrs Parmjeet Bhambra - Partner, MacLeish Littlestone Cowan
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